1st and 2nd Mortgage Closed Short Sale Murfreesboro TN

Even first and second mortgages can close fast and be sold with no debt responsibility on the borrower/seller. This great home at 311 Annadel St in Murfreesboro, TN was sold in just 116 days after being listed with a previous agent with no results. 

1st and 2nd Mortgage Closed Short Sale Murfreesboro TN

Being popular doesn’t always mean you know best. This fantastic borrower/seller had hired a prominent Murfreesboro Realtor® for over 6 months to try and sell their home with no success. After that went by the wayside, they picked up with Jim McCormack and sold the home for $207,000 in just 116 days (just over 3 months).

Why was this time so much different?

If you’re an agent you can buy and sell houses all day and may be very popular but there is something tricky about short sales and most agents will tell you that they don’t like doing them. They are complicated and drag on forever… well not for me. I get the job done by communicating with the lender on a regular basis to speed things along. The last thing any seller wants is extend out the time they are not making payments and letting themselves get farther in debt. Things can get stressful the longer transactions prevail so getting the home sold fast is really the job of an agent that not only knows short sales but all the programs and rights awarded to borrowers and sellers.

This home had two mortgages and both were satisfied. The first was through Ocwen, an unknown loan investor and the second mortgage was through America’s Servicing Company. The Borrower/Seller  received a full release from both mortgage loans in just 116 days after listing with us.

This is truly a testimony to the work and diligence of our office. We get in, get the job done and get you back to building a stable financial future. Don’t waste your time with an agent that may not know all the details of a short sale agent. Ask that agent how fast their short sales close, how often they communicate with the lender and how many times they have sold a short sale (not bought). If they say, “well, yes, I know how to sell a short sale”, they may not be the best options. You need an expert that knows the process and is more than confident about the proceedings. It can be very confusing so do yourself a favor and choose an agent that doesn’t mess around.

I look forward to speaking with you today! There are great pre-foreclosure programs for FHA loans plus options for conventional and VA as well. Call me today.

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